Membership Policy


These must be submitted to the Associations Office on the form supplied, which shall include an undertaking to abide by the Rules of the Association. Such application shall be accompanied by the appropriate registration fee as determined by the Council of the Association from time to time. The current registration fee shall be S$20.00 for all adult grades of membership and S$5.00 for Student Members.


The Association shall consist of several categories of members. The following grades only shall have voting rights: Diploma Members, Qualified Members and Associate Members. Trainee Members and Student members have the right to attend all the meetings of the Association, but they do not have the right to vote. In addition to the above, Diploma Members and Qualified Members may be appointed to the positions of office-bearers within the Association.


The Annual Subscription, which shall be payable in advance on January 1st each year, shall be initially determined by the Council of the Association at the General Meeting.

The current subscriptions shall be:

S$20.00 per biennium:

  • Diploma Members
  • Qualified Members
  • Associate Members

S$10.00 per biennium:

  • Trainee Members
  • Student Members


a) The Council has the power to suspend or expel a member who is guilty of any conduct of a discreditable nature that may bring the Association into disrepute or who acts to detriment of the interests of the Association or who is guilty of a breach of the Associations rules.

b) The Secretary shall give written notice to a member, against whom a complaint has been made which may lead to the exercise by the Council of the powers of suspension or expulsion, of the nature of such complaint, and that it will be considered by the Council. The notice shall be sent by the registered post to the member not later than 28 days before the date specified for the hearing by the Council of the complaint.

c) The member against whom such a complaint is made may full representation to the Council at the hearing.

d) The member shall be notified of the decision of the decision of the Council in writing by the Secretary who, in the case of suspension or expulsion, shall remove the member’s name from the Register of Members.

e) The Council may, at anytime, revoke or modify its decision to suspend or expel a member and the Secretary will thereupon send by registered post, written notification of such revocation or modification of its decision to the former member at his last known address.


a) A member whose subscription is not paid by 1st June after his subscription has become due, may be debarred from the Association.

b) Such member may, by a simple majority vote of the Council, cease to be a member by expulsion and the Secretary shall, upon the authorization of the Council, notify such member of the decision of the Council and remove his name from the Register of Members.

c) Any person so disqualified must make a written application to the Council if he wishes to rejoin.


a) Any member wishing to resign shall notify the Secretary in writing. Such notice to be accompanied by any subscription due. Any member not having signified his intention to resign before January 1st shall be liable for the current year’s subscription.

b) Any member having resigned or been expelled from the Association shall forthwith be debarred from all activities of the Association and shall not be permitted to use the designations of the Association nor wear the official badges of the Association and must return to the Association’s Office any documents indicating membership of the Association.

c) Any person so disqualified must make a written application to the Council if he wishes to rejoin.


Members who have resigned from the Association and wish to rejoin may be subject to re examination before resumption of membership at the discretion of the Council.