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  1. Payment via cheque - Payable to “Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association”. Name, NRIC No. and contact number are to be written behind the cheque and mail to Attn Mr Kin Choon Nah (Vice-President) , Blk 418, #10-448, Serangoon Central Singapore 550418.
  2. Payment via internet banking – Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association
    DBS Current 0150-20712-4
    All fees must be made 14 days before the skill test date. Please state your full name as in your NRIC / FIN No and Couse code when making payment.
Terms & Conditions for Application of SSTA Membership. (For both course application and membership renewal)

I have read the terms and conditions and declare that all information given in this application or any sheets attached are to the best of my knowledge and I have not willfully suppressed any material fact. I accept that if any of the information given by me in this application is any way false or incorrect, my application / membership may be rejected / terminated immediately.

New Application for Membership.

  1. I declare that all the information and documents provided in this application are true and correct. I hereby authorize SSTA to seek verifications from any relevant authorities and organizations on the information provided in this application.
  2. Original Certifications of newly attained and issued by external bodies are required for verification. To submit with a duplicated photocopy.
  3. I acknowledge and hereby agree, to be in full compliance to the mandatory requirement for all actively teaching SSTA Swim Teachers to hold a Valid Certification In Teaching Swimming issued by SSTA & a Valid First Aid + AED Certification issued by an SRFAC approved training centre.
  4. I acknowledge and hereby agree, that the SSTA and its Council Members shall not have any liability, in contract or otherwise for any “Loss” arising directly or indirectly in connection with the services I provide. “Loss” means any claims, liability (civil or criminal), damage, injury, death, demand, expenses, fee, fine, payment, proceeding, loss (including loss of profit, any indirect special or consequential loss), compensation and /or penalty of any kind.
  5. I shall not use the SSTA Logo without the written approval of the SSTA Council. I shall not make any statements, representations or claims or warranties to any party in respect of any matters relating to SSTA without the written authorization from SSTA.
  6. I acknowledge and agree that SSTA reserves the right to i) not register, ii) de-register, iii) not re-register, the Applicant / Candidate / Teacher / Member.
  7. I acknowledge and agree that any decision by SSTA to decline registration, decline re-registration or impose de-registration of myself as a Teacher/Member shall not amount to any representation by SSTA as to my competence in my services.
  8. I acknowledge and agree that registration with SSTA does not imply any SSTA endorsement of my competency or quality of my services. I understand and agree that if I were to use my registration with SSTA in any way to suggest or imply SSTA’s endorsement of my competency or quality of my service, I shall take such step that are deem necessary by SSTA to clarify any such suggestion or implication, failing which I shall be liable to be de-registered as a Teacher/Member.
  9. I hereby irrevocably undertake and agree to comply with all the terms and conditions, rules, procedures, guidelines and all other conditions that may be implemented and amended from time to time, at the sole discretion of the SSTA.
  10. I shall on demand, indemnify SSTA against any Loss incurred by SSTA, in any claims arising from, or resulting from, or in connection with, the services I provide.
  11. I acknowledge and agree, that SSTA may collect, use and share my personal data with trusted third parties, for the purpose of SSTA Administration and Membership.
  12. All payments to be by bank transfer or cheque payable to “Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association”. Name, NRIC No. and contact number are to be written behind the cheque before submission.

Declaration Form. (If your answer was “yes” to any of the questions above, please provide details.)

1 Have you ever suffered, or are you currently suffering from any medical condition, illness, disease, physical or mental impairment? YesNo
2 Have your services as a Teacher / Coach / Instructor ever been terminated before the total completion of a contract? YesNo
3 Do you have a criminal record in Singapore? YesNo
4 Have you ever been convicted in a court of law in any other country for any offence? YesNo
5 Are you currently being charged with any offence in a court of law in Singapore or in any other country for which the outcome is pending? YesNo
6 Have you received any police warnings in Singapore or in any other countries? YesNo
7 Are you under any current police investigations in Singapore or any other country following allegation made against you? YesNo
8 Have you ever been disciplined by any other sporting/ art/ professional body in Singapore or in any other country or are you facing any disciplinary proceeding by any sporting/ art/ professional bodies. YesNo
9 Have you ever received any complaints made against you against you in relation to your professional services in Singapore or any other country? YesNo
10 Have you ever been rejected into membership into any sporting/ art /professional body in Singapore of any other country? YesNo